Naoki Kubota, A.P., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. practices his painless self-developed technique of Kubota Zone Acupuncture. This technique is very effective for pain control, injury, back and neck pain, age related problems (such as arthritis), headaches and various other conditions. This therapy often produces a calming and quieting effect with pain relief occuring within a short period of time. Over thirty years of Kubota's work and study have gone into this combination of Oriental and Western Medicine. Kubota has achieved international recognition of his acupuncture technique and presents his creation to distinct medical groups. Kubota Zone Acupuncture is highly beneficial for preventative medicine. A drug free Anti-Aging program is offered. Learn more about the Zone Acupuncture Chart.

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Kubota Seminar - Seattle '09 Part 1

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